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Herding Instinct - Does YOUR dog have it? Find out at Club-Doggie!

Most working breeds effortlessly demonstrate a natural herding instinct, and it's a wonderful experience to see this deeply bred skill reveal itself. Herding instinct can be subtle in some dogs and will need to be developed. In other dogs, herding instinct is so intense, you find your dog herding virtually everything that moves. In either case, allowing the dog to use his or her herding instinct is a great experience. So often at Club-Doggie we see huge behavioral changes when a high energy stock dog breed is allowed to work - it’s amazing.

If you are unsure if your dog has "herding instinct", Club-Doggie can instinct test your dog. For $20, Kama Rueschenberg will take your dog in with the stock (sheep or ducks) and evaluate the dog's behavior. From this test, Kama can tell you how much natural ability your dog has and how best to move forward. To schedule an Instinct Test for your dog, !

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