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Club-Doggie provides easy-access to high quality dog agility classes to those interested in learning the sport. Whether you are just starting out and wondering where to begin, or you are a nationally-recognized competitive team and want to tighten up your game, our purpose is to make agility training professional, affordable and enjoyable. We utilize only positive, play-oriented reinforcement training techniques that build strong handler/dog relationships, while establishing a right foundation that sets the stage for future success...and we have a lot of fun! Club-Doggie offers all levels of dog agility, available in group, private or semi-private lessons, plus field rental for events.

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* Please note: If you received instruction from another dog training facility or have trained at home, you will need to set up an appointment for a FREE evaluation to determine which level of training is most appropriate for your dog at Club-Doggie.

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Club-Doggie's fun agility training employs positive reinforcement methods and focuses on play, play, play. All group classes are one hour long and offered during the week. Classes have a maximum of six students per instructor, so space is limited.

to set up your free evaluation or to have your questions answered. We're happy to help!


Unsure about what classes to take? We have some suggestions for you. Simply find your experience level below (or ask us for a free evaluation) and then sign up for classes in the suggested order. All New Students are required to or call for a Free evaluation prior to signing up for any classes.

Reactive or Aggressive Dogs: If your dog is easily excitable (won't quiet down), focuses on other dogs rather than you, barks uncontrollably or continually pulls hard at the end of the leash, please start with a private lesson prior to the classes listed below. All dogs with a questionable social nature absolutely need to be evaluated (free!) before signing up for any class.

Level 1 - Basic: Perhaps your dog is easily distracted (but not reactive as above), is not motivated to play with you, or is lacking in general obedience and self-control; or maybe both you and your dog have just begun this learning adventure together and wish to start with the basics. For such beginners, we recommend:

Level 2 - Fundamental: If your dog easily interacts with you (is eager to play), and has some level self-control, i.e., doesn't pull to get to other dogs, or you already have basic training in place, we recommend:

Level 3 - Skilled: After taking the above classes, or your dog has already reached a higher level of training AND you plan to compete in agility, we recommend:

Level 4 - Expert: For dogs and handlers that are already competing in agility or have successfully completed classes in the Intermediate level, we recommend:

dog agility workshops decriptions Private Dog Agility Lessons

Club-Doggie private and semi-private dog agility lessons can be scheduled for a half-hour or one hour.

You may choose to take your lessons with one dog or multiple dogs, by yourself or with friends. Club-Doggie private lessons are designed around your specific needs.

Please call Kama or Jubie at (602) 885-3497 to discuss your needs and for scheduling your private dog agility lesson.

Dog Agility Arizona

About Dog Agility:

Dog agility is an exhilarating sport in which dog and handler work together as a team to achieve a set of goals. The handler directs the dog through an obstacle course that they have never run before in a race for both time and accuracy. Dogs run off-leash with no food or toys as incentives, and the handler can touch neither the dog nor the obstacles. The handler's controls are limited to voice, movement and various body signals, requiring exceptional training of the dog and coordination of the handler. This is a real sport that requires handler control, quick-thinking, confidence and good communication skills between dog and handler. Beginners in this sport are often surprised at the great intelligence lying dormant inside their beloved pet.

What is Dog Agility?

In its simplest form, a dog agility course consists of a set of standard obstacles laid out by a judge in a design of his or her own choosing in an area of a specified size. The surface may be of grass, dirt, rubber, or special matting. The obstacles may be marked, depending on the type of competition, with numbers indicating the order in which they must be completed.

Courses are challenging enough that a dog could not complete them correctly without human direction. In competitions, the handler and dog form an "agility team." The handler must assess the course, decide on handling strategies, and then direct the dog through the course with precision and speed. The team that completes the course in the fastest time with the least number of errors is the winner!

Short History of Dog Agility:

The first widely-documented appearance of dog agility was as entertainment at the Crufts dog show in 1978. John Varley, a committee member from the 1977 show, was tasked with coming up with entertainment for the audience between the obedience and conformation competitions in the main ring. Varley asked dog trainer Peter Meanwell for assistance, and they presented a largely jumping-style course resembling something from the equestrian world to demonstrate dogs' natural speed and agility. Many obstacles recognizable to modern handlers were already present at that demonstration, as you can see in the image below.

The demonstration immediately intrigued dog owners because of its speed and challenge and the dexterity displayed by the dogs. People wanted to see more, and indeed wanted their own dogs to be able to participate. The demonstration was so popular that it went on to grow into local, then national, and eventually international, competitions with standardized equipment. Below is a diagram of the first agility course that was run at the Crufts Dog Show in London, England in February, 1978.

first dog agility course in 1978

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